Basic Kendo Set Kendo Gi + Hakama Set | BLACK



Kendo Gi Professional 2.0 Black | Black Kendo uniform

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A selection of products specific for Kendo from our catalogue
The set includes:
- Kendo Gi professional 2.0 - 100% rice-grain Cotton | Black
- Standard Hakama 65% polyester - 35% rayon | Black

Pack content

If you want to return the Hakama you MUST NOT REMOVE the white stitching that holds down the folds otherwise we won’t refund you

  • 65% polyester - 35% rayon
  • Traditional cut
  • Colour black 

New Kendogi Professional made of middleweight rice-grain fabric 350 gr/m²

New Kendo jacket suitable also for Iaido.
The shoulder area of the Kendogi is reinforced with a second layer of fabric
100% rice-grain cotton 350 gr/m²
Colour black
Traditional cut
Strings on chest and on the side
Suitable also for Iaido practice