YariNoHanzo is a young brand that offers high quality material for Martial Arts practitioners and enthusiasts alike, from beginner to expert. 

Our staff consist of enthusiastic practitioners and experts of Martial Arts with many years of experience, who are able to offer the best quality professional products for any form and kind of discipline of Martial Arts.
Each one of us dedicates all necessary time to check and test the quality of the products, in order to maintain and improve the level of quality and in order offer a quick and professional service to our customers. 

All of our products are personally tested by us in practice on a frequent basis, to guarantee a resistant, practical and long-las
We are always available for a quick feedback, we will asnwer all of your questions and we are open to listen to any suggestion with our utmost attention and customer satisfaction. 



After a long time dedicated to the study of the materials and the search of fittings we have been able to improve the quality of our Katana in way to obtain a final product of very high quality at a very competitive price.

Our production is semi-workmanship and every single blade is hand forged and hand polished by expert craftsman. All the Koshirae are made of quality materials and every Katana is assembled carefully in order to avoid any kind of slack even after a long time use.

Our lines of Katana are characterized by different quality, finish, measurements and styles but all the models are perfect for the practice of Martial Arts.



Katana Basic

The BASIC line is made especially for beginners or for those who just need a beautiful object to expose.

Despite the low price, the quality and durability of these Katana reflect perfectly the needs of the Martial Arts practitioner. 

The Koshirae are made of iron, brass and aluminium alloy (for Fuchi and Kashira) and blades are made of 1045 high carbon steel. Tsuka core and Saya are made of hardwood. Tsuka Ito is made of synthetic cotton wrapped on real ray skin.

Katana Practical

A line dedicated exclusively to the practice of Iaido, Kendo, Kenjutsu and similar styles. All the blades are well balanced with wire brushed Hamon. 

All the Tsuba, Fuchi and Kashira are made of iron and are decorated in a way that keeps a smooth surface to avoid of hurting the hands during the practice. 

Saya are made of durable hardwood and the lacquer is made with a lot of care.

Tsuka Ito is wrapped strongly on real ray skin and it doesn't move while handling the sword. Blades enter in the Saya without any kind of slack and the Habaki fits perfectly the Koiguchi.

A sword, that will follow you in the practice for a long time.

Damascus Katana

This line offers something more compared to the Practical Line, especially on the types of blades, Koshirae and accessories included.

These swords mounts 1060 high carbon steel blades, clay tempered with real Hamon or 1060 folded high carbon steel blades.

Professional Katana and Iaito with well balanced blades high quality fittings such as Seppa, Habaki and Shitodome made of copper, leather Tsukagawa and handmade Fuchi and Kashira.

Some models are supplied inside a black box with silk bag, table stand and cleaning kit.


Katana Performance
Thanks to the experience accumulated over the years, we have created the new Performance line in which you will find a series of Katana and Iaito designed exclusively for martial arts practice. The Tsuka follows harmoniously the curvature of the blade, giving to these swords a better handling feeling and a shape that reminds the real Nihonto. The Hamon are very visible thanks to a new etching method. We restidied all th Koshirare in order to guarantee the maximim performance and to give a tocuh of originality typical of YarinoHanzo Katana.
Katana Superior

If you are looking for a high quality product for your practice or a Katana that remembers a real Nihonto, this is your line!

All the Koshirae are inspired on museum pieces and te blades are made of 1095 high carbon steel, clay tempered with real Hamon.

Superior Katana offers and high quality finish of the Koshirae and high quality materials like the real buffalo horn for Saya parts (Koiguchi, Kurigata, Kojiri) and real silk for Tsuka Ito and Sageo. Habaki and Shitodome are well finished and are often silver laquered.

Like the Intermediate Katana thi line is supplied with box, silk bag, table stand and cleaning kit.

Katana Special

Nodachi, Naginata, Ninja To, Nagamaki, Shikomizue are only some of the special models of this line.

Koshirae and finishes can vary depending on the model and can be found in the Intermediate and Practical lines. 

Special shape and size blades, like the Shinobigatana specialized for the practice of Ninjutsu and inspired on a 500 years old piece that we had the opportunity to see and check in Japan, or the Sakura Iaito created by a woman and dedicated to feminine customers thanks to its style and extreme balance. 

Custom Katana Configurator

Are you looking for a completely customized handmade Katana?

With YariNoHanzo Custom Katana project you will be able to create you own custom Katana by choosing every detail of the Koshirae, the type of steel, the forging method and the size of the blade.

The blade options are endless and you can create your blade with all the traditional forging methods used by the Japanese smiths. Kobuse Kitae, Soshu Kitae, Honsanmai Kitae are just a some examples of forgin methods availabe to create your custom Katana. In addition to the forgin method you can choose the type and style of the Hamon (temper line) and every single measurement of the blade, including width and thickness. All variants of the blades can be made with Bohi (groove), double Bohi that are suitable for Iaido and Tameshigiri, or without Bohi for those who prefer a more compact blade, perfect for Tameshigiri practice.

For the Koshirae, all the exclusive fittings used on YariNoHanzo Katanas are available. You can choose within 53 styles of Tsuba, 36 styles of Fuchi/Kashira,16 different colors of Tsukaito and much more. The Tsukamaki can be made with the traditional Hishigami to ensure a longer life Tsuka. We also offer a wide selection of Saya with different laquers, made with top quality woods and Kojiri, Kurikata and Koiguchi made with real buffalo horn.