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Katori Shinto Ryu Set | Beginner

A selection of products specific for Katori Shinto Ryu from our catalogue

A perfect set for beginners!

Kendo Gi Professional 2.0 Indigo blue | Blue Kendo uniform


Hakama Master 2.0 Indigo blue | Kendo Hakama | Polyester Hakama


Katori Shinto Ryu Bokken Beech wood | Katori Bokuto | Handmade Bokken

Katori Shinto Ryu SHOTO Bokken Beech wood | Katori Bokuto | Handmade Bokken

Bo 30 mm Beech wood | Rokushaku Bo staff | Handmade wooden Bo

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Pack description

The set includes:
- Kendo Gi professional 2.0 blue- 100% rice-grain Cotton
- Hakama Master 2.0 blue - 55% cotton - 45 % Polyester
- Katori Bokken Daito Beechwood - 97 cm
- Katori Bokken Kodachi Beechwood - 55 cm
- Bo Beechwood - 183 cm

Pack content

New Kendo jacket suitable also for Iaido.
The shoulder area of the Kendogi is reinforced with a second layer of fabric
100% rice-grain cotton 350 gr/m²
Colour indigo blue
Traditional cut
Strings on chest and on the side
Suitable also for Iaido practice

New high quality Hakama suitable for Kendo, Iaido, Katori Shinto Ryu and Aikido.


8 Oz. fabric 55% cotton / 45% polyester that offers a perfect balance between hardness and softness

Traditional indigo blue color

Traditional cut with hard Koshi-Ita


High quality Katori Shinto Ryu Bokken COMPLETELY HANDMADE

Natural red beech not laquered
Overall Length 97,5 cm.
Weight 520 gr.

High quality Katori Shinto Ryu Bokken SHOTO COMPLETELY HANDMADE

Natural beech not laquered
Overall Length 55,5 cm.
Weight 380 gr.

High quality Rokushakubo COMPLETELY HANDMADE


Natural beech wood not laquered
Length 183 cm.
Diameter 30 mm
Weight 870 gr.

Beech wood is strong and compact and its impact resistance is better than oak.